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Catalog #: 601-6
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Teacher's Edition

A comprehensive overview of painting techniques, tools, and traditions.

From cave drawings to color theory, the Exploring Painting Teacher's Edition provides a comprehensive overview of painting techniques, tools, and traditions. It explores historical and cultural influences while taking a close-up look at current topics of interest in the world of art and art education. Each studio opportunity is specially designed to foster hands-on learning and self-express.

Lessons are designed to draw on a variety of instructional strategies and are carefully crafted and organized for success in creating art and mastering key concepts and skills.

The Teacher's Edition includes:

  • Stimulating, in-depth studio opportunities to foster hands-on learning and self-expression.
  • Art History background notes help place a work of art in its historical and cultural context.
  • Art Criticism discussions encourage students to describe, analyze, interpret, and judge works of art.
  • Correlated to National Visual Art Standards

Table of Contents

Part One: Getting Into Painting
Chapter 1: Painting Is Communication
Chapter 2: Elements and Principles of Design
Chapter 3: Working with Color

Part Two: Media and Techniques
Chapter 4: Tempera
Chapter 5: Transparent Watercolor
Chapter 6: Acrylic
Chapter 7: Oil
Chapter 8: Pastel

Part Three: Subject Matter
Chapter 9: Natural and Everyday Objects
Chapter 10: The Human Figure
Chapter 11: Natural and Constructed Environments
Chapter 12: Nonobjective Art

Part Four: Student Handbook

Tags: Gerald F Brommer, Nancy K Kinne, Gerald Brommer, Nancy Kinne, exploring painting, painting, teacher edition
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