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Catalog #: 744-6
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Teacher's Edition

The Focus on Photography Teacher's Edition includes:

  • both traditional and digital photography
  • instruction on how to take photographs of a variety of subjects from landscape to portrait to animal photography
  • outstanding student examples
  • a wealth of professional examples from important historical figures in photography, such as Ansel Adams and Margaret Bourke-White, to the works of dynamic contemporary photographers, such as Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor.

Teacher's Edition: Table of Contents
Chapter 1: What Is Photography?
Chapter 2: The Art of Photography
Chapter 3: Black and White
Chapter 4: Digital Photography
Chapter 5: Portraits
Chapter 6: Action Photography
Chapter 7: Photojournalism
Chapter 8: Architecture and Urban Landscapes
Chapter 9: Landscapes
Chapter 10: Animals
Chapter 11: Still Life

For news, insights, and musings on the art and craft of photography, check out Hermon Joyner and Kathleen Monaghan's, Focus on Photography blog.

Tags: photojournalism, photography, digital photography, landscapes, portraits, black and white photography

Customer Reviews

(No Rating) Photography in Focus September 06, 2009

Posted by: ruth

I ordered a classroom set of "Focus On Photography" two years ago after having my students evaluate my sample copy. They said they would use it if we had them. I love it! The students love it! It is full of interesting pictures and photography assignments. The Photoshop tutorials are easy for students to follow. Aside from my unit on pinhole photography and the six Guidelines to better photography, I use the book for all my lessons. The text book I had before was dull and boring. Students enjoy this text.

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