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Catalog #: 881-8
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Student Book

A program designed to inspire and engage middle school students

Engage middle school students with:

  • Brilliant fine art images
  • 54 studios with stellar examples of student artwork
  • Art criticism of fine art and student artwork
  • Technique illustrations
  • Artist biographies
  • Time Lines
  • Globes and maps
  • Handy reference material

Introduce . . . your students to art's most fundamental concepts in the book's inviting opening section, An Introduction to Art.

  • Present—through inspiring images and simple text -- art's forms and purposes, subjects, themes, and media
  • Take a visual look at the elements of art and principles of design
  • Explore basic steps in art criticism and the 5-step process for studio work

Reinforce . . . concepts and skills through 54 engaging studios.

  • Skills and Techniques lessons in each unit allow in-depth coverage
  • Consistent "Observe, Tools, Practice" sequence encourages good creative habits
  • Carefully-chosen fine art supports text
  • Studio Exploration lessons in every unit focus on thoughtful, relevant use of elements and principles and techniques
  • Simple line art clarifies processes
  • Art criticism exercises hone students' skills in self and peer revision

Review . . . basic skills, techniques, and concepts through the clear, comprehensive Student Handbook.

  • Revisit elements and principles
  • Study a simplified chronology of western art styles and movements
  • Refer to safety information and art forms, as well as matting, framing, and other essential skills

Table of Contents

An Introduction to Art

Unit 1: Artists Send Messages
Unit 2: Artists Show Identity and Ideals
Unit 3: Artists Teach Lessons
Unit 4: Artists Create Organization and Order
Unit 5: Artists Respond to Daily Life
Unit 6: Artists Remember Places
Unit 7: Artists Reveal Nature
Unit 8: Artists Celebrate Continuity and Change
Unit 9: Artists Explore New Territory

Student Handbook

Tags: Explorations in Art, A Global Pursuit, middle school, junior high, Student Book, Marilyn G. Stewart, Eldon Katter, Marilyn Stewart
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