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Catalog #: 720-9
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Student Book

This addition to the Davis Studio Series is a visually dynamic and comprehensive resource covering all of today's drawing media. Students explore both realistic and expressive drawing techniques through stimulating hands-on studio opportunities from basic to advanced levels. Special features include examples of master artworks, portfolio tips, drawing careers profiles, and step-by-step instruction.

Highlights include:

  • Outstanding examples of student work
  • Instruction on the use of variety of drawing media and materials
  • Comprehensive coverage of the elements and principles of design and their use in drawing
  • Instruction on ways to create expression and personal meaning in drawings
  • Clear how-to features, including: drawing from observation, composing still life, using linear perspective, drawing the planes of the face, digital imaging, and much more.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: What Is Drawing?
Chapter 2: The Elements and Principles of Design
Chapter 3: Learning to Draw - The Basics
Chapter 4: Still Life
Chapter 5: Drawing Landscapes
Chapter 6: The Built Environment
Chapter 7: Portraits
Chapter 8: The Figure
Chapter 9: Drawing Animals
Chapter 10: The Expressive Language
Studio Handbook

2nd Edition, © 2007

Tags: Ted Rose, Sallye Mahan Cox, Sallye Cox, drawing, discovering drawing, student textbook, student book, student edition
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