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Catalog #: 609-1
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Overhead Transparencies

Exploring Painting

A comprehensive overview of painting techniques, tools, and traditions.

From cave drawings to color theory, this contemporary studio program provides a comprehensive overview of painting techniques, tools, and traditions. It explores historical and cultural influences while taking a close-up look at current topics of interest in the world of art and art education.

12 studio transparencies illustrate fundamental techniques.

12 samples of student art encourage peer review.

  1. a) Learning to See
    b) Student artwork, Outside My Window. Acrylic.
  2. a) Elements and Principles
    b) Student artwork, Flower of the Sun. Acrylic.
  3. a) Color Mixing (includes a basic color wheel)
    b) Student artwork, Abstract Color Wheel. Tempera.
  4. a) How to Paint with Tempera
    b) Student artwork, Hibiscus. Tempera.
  5. a) How to Paint with Watercolor
    b) Student artwork, Broccoli. Watercolor.
  6. a) How to Paint with Acrylic
    b) Student artwork, Abstraction. Acrylic.
  7. a) How to Paint with Oil
    b) Student artwork, Self-Portrait. Oil.
  8. a) How to Paint with Pastels
    b) Student artwork, Hands in Motion. Pastel.
  9. a) Highlights and Shadows
    b) Student artwork, Still Life. Oil paint sticks.
  10. a) Proportion
    b) Student artwork, Portrait of Woman. Oil.
  11. a) Perspective
    b) Student artwork, Upstairs "C" Hall. Pastel.
  12. a) Optical Illusions
    b) Student artwork, Untitled. Tempera.

Tags: Exploring Painting, painting, overhead transparencies, overhead transparency, high school, studio
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