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Catalog #: 795-8
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Overhead Transparencies

Grade 4

36 Overhead Transparencies per grade level

  • 18 Overhead Transparencies of art images
  • 18 Overhead Transparencies in English and Spanish include:
  • Images from our world
  • Four technique illustrations
  • Student art
  • Art criticism questions

List of Artworks:

  1. Dwight Billedeaux, Inter-Tribal Internet
  2. George Copeland Ault, From Brooklyn Heights
  3. Andrew Wyeth, Soaring
  4. Helen Cordero, Storyteller and Children
  5. Anne Coe, Eating Crow
  6. Zoetrope
  7. Mirei Shigemori, Tofuku-ji Hondo
  8. Frank Lloyd Wright, Arthur Davenport House
  9. André Derain, Charing Cross Bridge
  10. Jimoh Buraimoh, Insect
  11. Jean Metzinger, Colorful Landscape with Aquatic Birds
  12. Karita Coffey, Plains Indian Women's Leggings
  13. Unknown, Mola
  14. Mildred Johnstone with Pablo Burchard, Alice in a Wonderland of Steel
  15. China, Mask
  16. Leo Sewell, Stegosaurus
  17. Herbert Bayer, The Tree
  18. Claes Oldenburg, Two Giant Cheeseburgers with Everything

Tags: Explorations in Art, elementary, overhead transparencies, fine art, studio process, Marilyn G. Stewart, Eldon Katter, Marilyn Stewart
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