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Catalog #: 774-3
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Teacher's Edition

Kindergarten is different, and we know it!

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, only Explorations in Art combines a solid foundation in how to use tools and materials with the delight of exploring materials, developing skills and inventing new ways to create.

How does Kindergarten set a new standard?

The Teacher's Edition includes:
  • The critical classroom management techniques that make all the difference in ensuring a successful lesson.
  • Images of artwork and quotations from students
  • Interesting facts about tools and art, such as the history of crayons or scissors.
  • Teaching Tips and Variations/Extensions that include support on safety, differentiated instruction, classroom management, observation and assessment tips, and ways to include the classroom teacher.

Each two-page spread in the Teacher's Edition includes:

  • Lesson: Each Big Book lesson begins with art images, and questions to encourage exploration.
  • Photos & Illustrations: Photographs and illustrations illustrate teacher technique, classroom seating, students at work, and other helpful content.
  • Student Artwork: Examples of student artwork and quotations are included throughout.
  • Assessment: Point-of-use assessment criteria is included for each lesson. The assessment criteria always relates to the lesson objectives.
  • Studio Exploration: Each Big Book lesson ends with a Studio Exploration. Clear, illustrated examples and directions help children explore, while ensuring an opportunity for individual expression and problem solving.
  • Variations/Extensions: Variations/Extensions are included with each lesson. Here the suggestion of using warm colors for cutting and cool colors for the background incorporates a color concept into this lesson on cutting.
  • Scissors History: The Teacher's Edition includes interesting facts for teachers to share with students, including the fact that many consider that Leonardo da Vinci invented scissors.
  • Teaching Tips: Teaching Tips include safety tips; ways to challenge and engage students; support for differentiated instruction; classroom management tips, such as giving a fair warning to children before collecting the scissors; games; and ways to include the classroom teacher.
  • Professional Development: The program includes built-in professional development, including this quotation from an early childhood expert, "Learning to use scissors is one of the important ego-building achievements of early childhood. Children discover that scissors give them instant power to make changes in paper and other materials." Claire Cherry, Creative Art for the Developing Child
  • Lesson Resources: Children's Trade Books are recommended for each lesson.

Teacher's Edition: Table of Contents
How to Use This Program
Unit 1: Thinking and Working as Artists
Unit 2: One Subject, Many Media
Unit 3: Transformation
Unit 4: Exploring Clay
Unit 5: Line Printing
Unit 6: Design
Unit 7: Sewing
Unit 8: Animals
Unit 9: Color
Unit 10: Buildings and Cities

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