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Catalog #: 921-1
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Overhead Transparencies

A Personal Journey

27 overhead transparencies. Vibrant images that supplement fine art in the text. 9 overlays that help clarify elements, principles, and basic art concepts. Background on artist, culture, and artwork for each image.

List of Artworks:

  1. Rome, Trajan's Column (detail)
  2. Rosa Bonheur, Horse Fair
  3. Ancient Egypt, Fowling Scene, Tomb of Nebamun
  4. Janet Fish, Toby and Claire Reading
  5. Ancient Greece, Vase
  6. Marc Buchanan, Pelle Pelle Spring 2000
  7. Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Allegory of Good Government
  8. Joyce Wieland, Reason Over Passion
  9. Pierre-Auguste Renior, Boating on the Seine
  10. Emily Carr, Sky
  11. Cesar Martinez, Mestizo
  12. Elizabeth Hughs, Blue Diner
  13. Bev Doolittle, Pintos
  14. Philip Webb, Red House
  15. Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye
  16. Constantin Brancusi, Maiastra
  17. Philip Evergood, Lily and the Sparrows
  18. Edgar Degas, The Little 14-Year-Old Dancer

Includes 9 overlays

Tags: Explorations in Art, A Personal Journey, middle school, junior high, Overhead Transparencies, Marilyn G. Stewart, Eldon Katter, Marilyn Stewart
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