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Catalog #: 731-4
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Overhead Transparencies

Understanding and analyzing how art functions in history, society and everyday life.

This new edition of Discovering Art History will show students how the visual arts serve to shape and reflect ideas, issues, and themes from the time of the first cave paintings to the twenty-first century.

Twenty transparencies with instructional overlays for interactive learning and group discussion. Teacher's Guide includes background information, related class projects, and bibliographic resources for each page.

List of Artworks:

  1. Projection Based on Fragment of Clay Pot
    a - Fragment of Clay Pot
  2. John Sloan, The City from Greenwich Village
    a - Study for 'The City from Greenwich Village,' III
  3. Eugene Delacroix, Portrait of Paganini
    Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Portrait of Paganini
  4. Miniature Brass Mask, Benin Kingdom
    a - overlay
  5. The Assyrian Lamassu
  6. Kouros of Tzia
    a - overlay
  7. Hagia Sophia, Interior View
    a - overlay
  8. Notre Dame, Paris, Exterior and Interior Views
    a - overlay
  9. Donatello, The Miracle of the Penitent Son
    a - overlay
  10. Albrecht Dürer, Saint Christopher
  11. Rembrandt van Rijn, Self-Portrait
    a - overlay
  12. Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, Interior of the Cornaro Chapel
    a - Detail of Cornaro Family
  13. Thomas Cole, White Mountain Notch
    a - A View of the Mountain Pass Called the Notch of the White Mountains (Crawford Notch)
  14. James Whistler, Variations in Flesh Color and Green: The Balcony
    Kitagawa Utamaro, Moonlight Revelry
  15. Piet Mondrian, Forest
    a - The Trees
  16. Thomas Hart Benton, Cradling Wheat
    Jacob Lawrence, Builder #2
  17. Philip Johnson, The Kreeger Museum
    Robert Venturi, Venturi House
  18. Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Wrapped Reichstag
    a - Wrapped Reichstag, Project for Berlin
    b - Photograph of the Reichstag
  19. Anonymous, Pieced Quilt, Log Cabin, Barn Raising Variation
    Michael James, Rhythmetron
  20. Alfred Stieglitz, Little House - Lake George
    Georgia O'Keeffe, My Shanty, Lake George

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