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Art: A Community Connection, Overhead Transparencies (Set of 27)
Teach the BIG IDEAS using the basic foundations of art.
  • 27 transparencies including 9 instructional overlays
  • Ideal for group analysis
  • Shown at point-of-use in the Teacher's Edition

A Community Connection – Overhead Transparencies (set of 27)

  • Hopi, Tusayan Black-on-White Jar
  • Tanis S’eiltin, Anchorage
  • Henrietta Johnston, Anne Broughton
  • Amy Weiskopf, Still Life with Watermelon
  • Unknown, Liberty Crowning Washington
  • Josefa Roybal, Comanche Dancers
  • Grant Wood, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
  • Florence Lundborg, The Lark
  • Willie Seaweed, Hamatsa Crooked Beak Mask
  • Emily Carr, British Columbia Landscape
  • Henry O. Tanner, Fisherman at Sea
  • Unknown, Tickertape Parade, New York City
  • Malcah Zeldis, Miss Liberty Celebration
  • Tom Lewis-Borbély, Revelation Series
  • Luis Jiménez, Alligators
  • Tony Oursler, Submerged
  • Mariko Mori, Pureland
  • Robert Havell, Jr., Black-throated Guillemot, Nobbed-billedAuk, Curled-crested Auk, and Horned-billed Guillemot

Includes 9 overlays

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