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DIGITAL IMAGE SET: Discovery Series: Paul Gauguin

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Set Description and Contents:

Gauguin got involved with the impressionists in the 1870s to 1880s, whom he had first met through his tutelage under Pissarro. Between 1880 and 1886 he exhibited in the final four Impressionist exhibits. Gauguin was soon bored with Impressionism. He felt that painting should be something independent of nature, a synthesis of the artist's remembered experiences rather than perceptual experiences, which were the backbone of Impressionism. He used color, color harmonies, and lines to express the subject more abstractly. In his search for the ultimate expression of his theories, he was influenced by Asian, pre-classic, and non-western art. In order to escape the artistic influences of Western tradition, and in an effort to live a simpler life, he moved to Panama, Martinique, Tahiti, and ultimately the Marquesas Islands.

6 Digital Images with Teaching Support
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