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DIGITAL IMAGE SET: Early American Masters - Native American Art I: Northwest Coast and Plains Cultures

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Set Description and Contents:

From totems to scalp shirts, Native American cultures of the Northwest Coast and Plains created works of art that reflect their beliefs, lifestyles, and community status.

12 Digital Images with Teaching Support
Digital Images in Projection, Screen, and Thumbnail Sizes

Ready-made Presentations
  • Native American Artists Background
  • Cultural Background
  • Art Criticism Questions
    • Describe and Analyze
    • Interpret
    • Evaluate
  • Review Questions
Teacher Background
  • Historical information about each artwork
  • Cultural context to support art history and art appreciation programs
  • Connections to other influential cultures and styles
  • Bibliography and Web Resources
Classroom Activities and Handouts
  • Art Criticism Questions
  • Vocabulary Worksheets
  • Artist Summaries
  • Artist Biographies
  • Timeline

Sample Text
A true understanding of much Native American art is not possible unless accompanied by a familiarity with the culture or group from which the art came. The artworks inevitably relate to the people who created or owned them. They may refer to a person’s status within the community; record a historical event; mark an individual whose powers of wisdom, vision, or healing are held in high regard; or serve as a reminder of an agreement.

Tlingit, Alaska
Haida, Alaska
Inuit, Greenland
Nuxalk or Bella Coola, central coastal British Columbia
Kwakwaka'wakw, northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Tsimshian, coastal British Columbia
Lakota Sioux, South Dakota
Sioux, eastern Plains
Kiowa/Cheyenne/Arapaho, southern Plains

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