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Exploring Visual Design Middle School
middle school
Textbook Program
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Exploring Visual Design middle school and high school art textbook program
middle school digital art textbook visual design
eBooks and ePortfolios
Program Components:
•  Student Book
•  Teacher’s Edition
•  eBook
•  Large Reproductions
•  Art:21 DVDs
•  Art:21 Exclusive Online Videos
•  Studio Resource Package
•  Digital Image Sets/td>
Exploring Visual Design
By Joseph A. Gatto, Albert W. Porter, and Jack Selleck
A comprehensive introduction to the universal
language of art
The Fourth Edition of Exploring Visual Design is a dynamic introduction to the building blocks of art. Each chapter focuses on a different element or principle of design, including: line, shape and form, balance, and movement and rhythm. Through an in-depth look into these design concepts, students learn how diverse cultures and times have used a common visual language to express their own unique perspective. Teachers and students are introduced to contemporary art and artists by 19 Art:21 artists featured in the book, with links to videos of the artists at work and additional text and image support materials available online for print or digital buyers. Studio opportunities help students find their own voice as they become increasingly fluent in this universal language.
  • Fresh, clean design allows for easier navigation from teacher material to student textbook
  • A closer look into each design concept, one per chapter
  • In-depth studio opportunities that help students find and express their own unique perspectives
  • Updated Career Portfolios with interviews and images
  • New Engage feature in the Teacher Material, helping students make lessons more personal
  • Nineteen Art:21 artists featured, with links to videos of artists at work and additional support material online
  • Online education guides providing information about using contemporary art in the classroom
  • Teacher’s Edition updated with today’s technology in mind
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