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Textbook Program
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Drawing Assessment Program
Drawing Assessment
By Ivan E. Cornia and A. Stephen Egan
Take the mystery out of realistic drawing
for your students.

A set of 5 extra large (28" x 36") wall charts uses a four-level, 20-point rubric to help students self-assess and monitor their growth in proficient, realistic drawing. The five charts include:

•  Dimension •  Value
•  Light •  Visual Field
•  Shape    
Teacher’s Guide
The Teacher’s Guide includes a wealth of reproducible pages, such as:
•  comparisons of details in the Levels I, II, and III drawings
  to those of the Expert Level IV;
•  easy-to-use score sheets to help students assess their work;
•  a copy of each wall chart for students to use at their desks
Drawing Assessment Program
Drawing Assessment Program
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