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Discovering Art History
high school
Textbook Program
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Discovering Art History
Discovering Art History
Fourth Edition  By Gerald F. Brommer
Understanding and analyzing how art functions in history, society, and everyday life
This new edition of Discovering Art History is an in-depth, comprehensive approach to art. The program includes an extensive survey of Western art, studies of non-Western art, as well as an introduction to art appreciation. Engaging studio activities throughout the text are keyed to chapter content. This premier art history program will show students how the visual arts serve to shape and reflect ideas, issues, and themes from the time of the first cave paintings to the twenty-first century.
Program Components:
•  Student Book
•  Teacher’s Edition
•  Teacher’s Resource Package
•  Large Reproductions (Set of 30 with Teacher’s Guide)
•  Overhead Transparencies (Set of 20)
•  Supplemental Digital Image Set (Set of 493), Subsets by chapter also available
•  History Through Art Timeline
•  Discovering Oceanic Art book
•  Discovering Native American Art book
Discovering Art History
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